Top 5 best video conferencing software of 2021


Video conferencing is a virtual communication between one or more users. In 2019, the net value of the video-conferencing market was $5.32 billion and expected to reach $10.92 billion by 2027 with an average growth rate of 9.7%. 

Moreover, the integration of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud-based virtual reality with this video communication solution is expected to drive the growth of this industry in the future. 

A huge surge of video conferencing apps due to Covid-19 

Notably, many corporate events get cancelled due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. As a result, they focus on an alternative solution. A video conferencing app like Zoom has gained a positive response among the corporate companies in this situation. In 2020, Zoom had an additional 2.22 million new users. 

Amid the pandemic, 92% of B2B marketers use the video conferencing solution. Despite these, enforcement agencies and governments are also focusing on carrying out their operations using this solution. Say, for instance, the Supreme court of India has issued a notice to the regional courts to conduct their operations via the video conferencing solution.  

In this current scenario, most enterprises have adopted the Work from Home culture to prevent virus transmission. Well, the best video-conferencing solution makes the process simple and easy. Let’s see the top 5 best video-conferencing software of 2021 in this blog.

Zoom Meetings

It is an affordable video conferencing software that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It provides a wide range of features, including HD video and audio. It can accommodate 1000 participants at once. Users have the option to save the meetings locally or to the cloud. Moreover, meetings can be escalated into one-on-one calls. 


GoToMeeting offers screen sharing, audio, and video conferencing. Mobile-friendliness makes this app apart from the other video conferencing apps. Also, there is a setting to maximize the quality of Call and image. A maximum limit of participants is 150 and accommodates up to a maximum of 3000 participants when using the enterprise plan. 

RingCentral Video

It offers the full range of industry-standard features, including video call scheduling and recording, screen sharing, and annotation, and in-built chat functionalities. The best feature of this app is its integration with Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. Overall, it provides a high-quality video-conferencing service that benefits many businesses. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables the users to schedule video or audio meetings with individuals or team. It can accommodate up to 1000 participants for conducting webinars and large meetings. With this, internal members of the organization can schedule the meetings and share among themselves. And, the external guests can join the meeting from their web browsers. It is of no necessity for them to download the app.

Google Meet

It is formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet and G Suite. As an improved version of it, Google Meet aims to make it easy and simple to work with external clients. It is specifically designed for business needs and can accommodate a large user base at once. 

Our Zoom clone app offers the following special features

Now, you have known the top 5 popular video conferencing apps from this blog. If you intend to develop an app like Zoom, join hands with us for Zoom like app development. Our clone app offers essential features and special features. A few of the special features are as follows.

End-to-end encryption - This assures a high level of encryption of shared data of all formats. 

Note-taking – When attending the meeting, users can take notes with this built-in tool.

Report generation – Once the session gets completed, the app will generate a detailed report of the completed meeting. This data is helpful in improving the efficiency of future meetings.

Virtual backgrounds – When the users attend the meetings or webinars, they can change the background as their wish.

Flag for attention - While the meeting is going on, the users or participants can use this feature to get attention from the host who initiated the meeting.


I hope this blog will give insightful information. It is very clear that there is a massive demand for video-conferencing apps in the present situation. Moreover, there is a good scope in this industry in the future too. Therefore, setting foot into this industry with the Zoom clone app is a wise choice. 


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